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  • Spotlight

    The Rise of Pet Tech: The Rover App

    Doodle puppies courtesy of DoodlesNW.com. Are you a dog or cat owner who loves your pets probably more than you should? Do you like them almost more than people, sometimes? If the answer is [...]

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    Meet Wrench, an Industry-Shaking Mobile Mechanic Service

    Owning a car is expensive. You've got monthly payments, insurance, gas, routine maintenance- these costs can add up, but at least you know what to expect every month. What you can’t always [...]

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  • Latest News

    Learning from Tech Archetypes – Don’t be a Nathan

    The smell of pine woods, a white-noise crashing waterfall and hundreds of miles of private forest. An ultra-modern, ultra-expensive home is nestled in the thick of the expanse. The stoic lodge has all the amenities of the 22nd century, really, and is without a doubt as beautiful as the surrounding nature, in a technological singularity sort of way. If it sounds familiar, it’s because it is [...]

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    In Wake of Paris Accord Exit, 4 Positive Environmental Developments

    The United States is now the leader of the Paris Climate Discord after President Trump announced last Thursday that the United States will be exiting the Paris Accord - an agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions and keep global temperatures from rising over 2 degrees Celsius that all countries in the world have signed/ratified except for Nicaragua (which said it isn't tough enough), Syria, and[...]

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    Mysteries in Tech World #1: Network Marketing, Gigging and Steak Sauce

    What do network marketing, autonomous work in an increasingly science-fiction-y workforce and BBQ condiments have in common? They are clues in an Emerald City mystery that unfolded in this booming city. Cozy up and riddle me this. Union Bank Plaza was as hard to find as the plot in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I had just moved for a job with KIND Snacks. They send me [...]

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