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  • Spotlight

    Meet Wrench, an Industry-Shaking Mobile Mechanic Service

    Owning a car is expensive. You've got monthly payments, insurance, gas, routine maintenance- these costs can add up, but at least you know what to expect every month. What you can’t always [...]

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    Advocates for Uber and Lyft Union Clear First Legal Hurdle

    This past Tuesday, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed against the city of Seattle over the ordinance allowing the formation of an Uber and Lyft union. The city has been praised by [...]

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  • Latest News

    Seattle’s First Virtual Reality Pop-up, a Step Towards Diversifying Tech

    South Seattle just saw its first "Virtual Reality (VR) Pop-Up" last Sunday. It was a collaborative effort between City of Seattle Office of Economic Development, Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA), University of Washington CoMotion Labs, and Office of Film + Music to whet the palate for what's to come.  When it comes to established tech-topias, Seattle is a hub [...]

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    Rewriting the Future of Food

    Why should the future of food matter to you? Aside from the fact that we eat food everyday — unless we’re fasting, that is — and that much of our social life revolves around tables of food, the horizon of food is evolving. Efficiency, intelligence and innovation are vital to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing population. From new ways to deal with food storage & waste, to [...]

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    Augmented Reality, the New Industrial Revolution

    Google, Microsoft, Apple, and even Amazon have been feverishly at work over the past decade, refining and honing separate technologies into what will become the new industrial revolution.  It’s called augmented reality, and it’s going to change the way you work, travel, shop, and even socialize. Like many technologies, AR isn’t a standalone development. Rather, it’s [...]

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